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About Serious Fun 21st Century Learning Community!

Our Mission: To help create expert learners who are self-motivated and enthusiastic about learning and are responsible, active citizens in their own communities.

We are growing enterprise and it is our desire to provide wonderful programs that will feed your curiosity and desire to learn. Serious Fun offers classes, workshops, and one-to-one programs in technology and media arts; art, music, and mindfulness in a fun and supportive atmosphere. I love to work with all ages and abilities in mixed groups.

We encourage kids, teens, adults and senior citizens looking to update technology skills for 21st Century life. Our fees are about $12 per hour for programs geared to the younger generations and about $15 for programs geared to adults. $30 per hour for one-on-one help. We can always work with you on fees. If you are out of work, we will adjust fees so you are able to participate! We understand. Please ask.

There is more than one way to Power Up!

At Serious Fun, we know there is more than one way to power up. While we are surrounded by technology everywhere we turn, we are also equipped with an “inner technology” to help us balance the pressures of 21st century life. Using high tech, low tech, and no tech solutions, we will help you power-up for success.

I have a Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education certificate and can provide Professional Development Points to teachers. I can also work with you to develop websites/blog/wikis for your business, classroom, or personal use.

- Gaby


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