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Seriously a great idea!

I really haven’t seen any interesting after-school opportunities like this one. It is the lights-on approach that kids need for success in learning. Why just allow students to go home unsupervised after school? Why not expand their experiences through community and enrichment activities? For the homework help option alone, it is a great deal. On top of that, there are great high-tech and low tech enrichment activities... with WI-FI! It is seriously and extension of the traditional public school learning schedule. As an educator in the local district, I highly recommend this program.

Kevin M.

Learning Styles Workshop

Thank you for a very informative workshop.  My kids learned (or confirmed) about their learning styles and I was reminded of my strengths and weakness and why I have made many of my life choices.  It was a pleasure to meet you and I wish you the very best with your endeavor.  I think it's a grand idea and so agree with your importance of technology with our children's futures.
We will be watching your website!

Standards in Motion:

Accurate description, knowledgable on topic. Has passion about what she does. Reaches all students. Good helpful links.

Great finish to 2 days of workshops!

Can't wait to try for math and science! Great!


Great ideas! You are onto something! Thanks for the great ideas! I will definately introduce this to my high school.

Excellent demo with examples and a multitude of resources on the net, with additional resources in book form. Thanks!

Great ideas and resources! Fabulous!

ABC’s and 123’s – Keyboarding Strategies for Grades K-8

Keep it up! Fabulous - please bring books to buy next year - yours and Diana King's - love your new website!

Thanks for a new way to teach keyboarding.

Makes teaching keyboarding quick and practical.

Great tips that can be used immediately. Liked references to research!

Gaby offered many practical suggestions and was generous with sharing her resources.

Best yet!!! Didn't try to sell me something!

Great presentation, keyboarding skills are essential to productive technology users.

Much for me to use. Can't wait to try these out.

Excellent new ideas!

Great! Excellent info and resources.

Good information - will use in classes!

Powerful Movie Projects for Kids ( Grades K-12)

Excellent! Saw her last year! She's great!

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